CZ P07/P09/P10C LOOPED Series IWB

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CZ P07/P09/P10C LOOPED Series IWB

 P07, P09 and P10C

-Only available in black at this time. 
-Made of durable Boltaron 4332 
-Molded in concealment wedge on the body side to push the muzzle end of the firearm out and away from your body. (Helps with printing) 
-Double "pull-the-dot" soft loops. These are adjustable for ride height and cant. 
-Retention is non-adjustable. 
-Full sweat guard and open muzzle design 
-Will accommodate firearms with threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. 
-Available with or without the concealment claw (Tucks the grip of the firearm into your body to prevent printing)