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Dip Can Holster

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Tired of can rings in your jeans? Can’t find your can half the time? Maybe you just want to carry your snuff concealed? 

we got you, our snuff can holsters were designed in house by us. Featuring a 1.5” clip and a build in retention system that will keep your snuff in place guaranteed! 

We’ve designed these to tilt forward and then come out. Without tilting forward the can will not come out and that’s the beauty of this design. Whether your riding ATV’s, Fishing, Hunting or etc your can will always be where you put it! 

  • .080 Kydex 
  • Minimalistic As Possible 
  • Precision Formed 
  • Easy To Operate 
  • Metal Beltless Or Belted Options Avail
  • Lifetime Warranty