MRD Magazine Molds

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These magazine molds were CAD/CAM drawn and CNC Cut. Take all the guess work out of offering a universal magazine carrier featuring Tulster's MRD. 

  • Double Mold (2 Shells Per Press)
  • Cut Indicator Line Molded In
  • Single & Double Stack Available
  • Ambidextrous Drill Index Locators 
  • .4" MRD Spacing For Max Versatility In Adjustment
  • Attachment Setup For Fomi/Monoblock
  • Trim Jig Optional
  • 3D CAD/CAM Modeled In House

Please note - All molds are designed and made in house. We have taken the time to make these, test these and ensure a proper fit. Drill indicators on the trim jig will hold material as long as you drill after you trim. (Magazine Carrier Pictured Not Included)