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The Sidechick Pro is here!! This is a dedicated Appendix holster that has been designed using state-of-the-art tooling and research. Appendix carry is by far the most popular method of concealed carry today. Having a holster that is built specifically to this method of carrying and verified is essential! 

Our Sidechick Pro model is at the top of our list when asked whats the best appendix holster on the market. We've implemented a flexible connection using a shock cord to aid in comfort and flexibility. This also gives the user the ability to separate the two pieces and uses them independently.

Comfort, security, and reliability are the top goals we look to achieve when designing any holster. Who wants an appendix holster that just cracks in a year's time due to a flawed design or cheap materials? We use the best materials, the best method, and custom in-house tooling to ensure our holsters will last. 


  • Two Piece Design 
  • Flexible Shock Cord For Comfort And Flexibility 
  • Dual Tuckable Overhooks 
  • Ride Height Adjustable 
  • Modwing Installed To Reduce Grip Printing 
  • Built-In Wedge To Reduce Tipping And Printing 
  • Flared Opening For Easier Reholstering 
  • Open-Ended For Compensator Or Threaded Barrel Cap 
  • Suppressor Sight Ready (Co-witness Iron Sights)
  • Optic Ready (Red Dot)
  • Full Sweat-Shield For Comfort (Can Cut If Special Requested)
  • Ride Height Adjustable 
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Orientation 
  • MRD (Magazine Retention Device) 
  • .080" Kydex 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • U.S.A. MADE!!!!


"THE BRADFORD DIFFERENCE" - Did you know not all Kydex holsters are created equally? Here at Bradford Tactical, we strive to provide nothing less than the very best. This begins in our manufacturing process. We control every single aspect of our gear. This starts with a 3D scan of the actual firearms to ensure we get an accurate starting point. From here we reverse engineer the scan into a solid cad model we can work with. Using the latest in CAD/CAM software we design our molds to be feature-rich with our own flair and design. Moving forward we then cut the molds we designed on our CNC machine. Why do we do all this work when we could just buy molds as other companies do? The answer is simple, most businesses are using a 3rd party mold. Often these molds are made of a resin that can shrink and be dimensionally incorrect. Ever hear someone say Kydex will mess up your gun? NOT TRUE! An improperly formed holster will mess up your finish. We ensure all our tooling is to spec, we care about you and your firearm! We want to ensure your comfort and that your firearm is safe and unscathed from a badly formed holster. Our holsters speak for themselves, a quick examination compared to the competition will shed light on why we put so much time and effort into our gear! I encourage you to try "THE BRADFORD DIFFERENCE"

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